Generate a FREE Nonprofit Website RFP in minutes

Seriously, there's no catch here. We (Sideways8 the company that built this site) want to help nonprofits get better websites. We believe that starts with a better, clearer RFP!

How it works

Creating a nonprofit website RFP can be complex. We want to make it easy for you. Here is how this service works.

Complete Simple Form

Fill out the form on the Generator Page. This form will walk you through things to think about as you are creating your website. So it is part form and part website training.

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Generate Your RFP

Once you submit your form we will generate a professional nonprofit website RFP for you and email it to you as a PDF. Again, this service is completely free, which we think is pretty cool!

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Request Proposals!

Take your new custom created nonprofit website RFP and send it to whatever digital agency you are interested in working with. Of course, you are also welcome to include  Sideways8 in that list 😉

Ready to get started?


Great question! We are glad you asked. It started with Sideways8 doing a lot of websites for nonprofits from 2010 - 2015. Then in 2015, Sideways8 co-founder Adam Walker decided to co-found 48in48, a nonprofit that puts on events to build 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. As a result, the Sideways8 team has had a hand in building more than 300 nonprofit websites over the last seven years.

Based on our depth of experience in building nonprofit websites and the number of bad experiences we have had when receiving nonprofit website RFP's, we decided to make it easy for nonprofits to create great RFP's. Our goal is to help as many nonprofits as possible create amazing website RFP's so that these nonprofits can get great websites built!

Ready to get started?

Ok, now that you know the deal, let's get started getting you a professional nonprofit website RFP! It's the first step towards a great new website!